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Rejuvenate Clinics is run by Advanced
Laser Practitioner Emma

Emma is a highly skilled, Advanced Beauty and Aesthetic Practitioner, dedicated to tailoring treatment plans to the individual needs of her clients to help them look and feel amazing.  

“My journey into the beauty industry, in particular using lasers, began by wanting to help people feel more confident in their skin because of my own skin challenges. I have rosacea and once I had finally plucked up the courage to seek out help, the treatment experience was not what it should have been at all. The practitioner sadly lacked confidence in carrying out the consultation and this left me feeling very disheartened and so worried that I never returned for the treatment. But the laser treatment itself, I knew from research, could work brilliantly so I was converted to the use of lasers to achieve amazing results for people with issues that bother them daily, just like me. I knew from that point forward I wanted to use lasers effectively to help other people with their issues, so I undertook extensive training to enable me to provide clients a fantastic and fully supported treatment experience that safely and effectively achieves the best results possible. I am always undertaking new training to be able to offer the most up to date and effective treatments, including OFQUAL regulated Level 3 in principles of cosmetic practice & Level 4 VCTC in Laser & IPL. I have been trained at The Lynton Training Academy which is the UK’s only dedicated laser and IPL Training facility as well as MATA of Harley Street.” 


Woman receiving specialised treatment with the Lynton Laser at Rejuvenate Clinics in Nantwich

Award winning treatment technology

Because Emma has first-hand experience of the positive effects of laser treatments, she has made sure that Rejuvenate Clinics use award wining Lynton Laser technology

because of its ability to deliver such outstanding results.

We also use PureSkin's PureDerma and PureHydro to achieve flawless results.

Treatment Room

Aesthetic Treatments 

Woman receiving facial treatment

Illumi Facial

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